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Denial Price was formed back on summer 1986. After some changes the line up was : Dimitriou Panos / Voice, Tsaves Kostas / Drums, Tsaves Chris / Guitars, Bournakas Dimitris / Bass. They'd done some gigs in Larissa and Thessaloniki before the recording of their first demo tape which included Blood on Silverstone, On the Edge plus some live recordings and shortly after that they split up in 1990.

But the flame was still burning in the heart of the leader of the band, who decided to form up a new line up under the name of Shadow Axis with ex members of Blade. So the line up was : Dimitriou Panos / Voice, Garagounoulis Vassilis / Guitar, Gagalis Kostas / Bass, Ketoglidis Kostas / Drums. Realizing that the audience was still there devoted to the band, Shadow Axis changed their name again to Denial Price starting playing the old Denial Price stuff with some new songs.

So on summer of 1993 the idea was mature enough to become true. the recording sessions took place in Graffiti Studios Larissa. Despite to the problems the recordings were completed in 1994. The Track List is:

1.Serpent's Curse
2.Gloria Dei
4.Farewell within Remains plus an acoustic version of Black Dust as a bonus track

The Years after, the band reached the edge of giving up, because of disappointments and loosing patience about the harsh reality.

But the Price was not to be paid, so the Denial is finally completed on spring of the year 2000. The dream comes true...

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Να πω την αλήθεια...βλέποντας τη φωτό περίμενα να ακούσω κάτι πιο "σκληρό" αλλα αυτό που άκουσα με ξάφνιασε ευχάριστα . Καλή δουλειά !

Hello there...Geia xara pedia mpravo gia tin douleia sas. epitelous apo edo mesa arxizo k vlepo mpantes kai oxi akatergastous mousikous kai ayto m aresi. Mhn 3exname ektos apo mousikoi imaste kai akroates.. Tsimpiste ena 9raki

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καλώς τα παιδιάΑξιόλογη η μουσική σας με πολλές προοπτικές ανόδου.Καλή συνέχεια.

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Χαρά μου......να βλέπω παλιές καραβάνες ονλάιν:)) Καλωσήρθατε παιδιά. Πλονκ!@