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... Oi CLAWS einai ena 5meles rock sigkrotima to opoio ermineuei 3ena klassika rock kommatia. Oi CLAWS emfanizontai ka8e Pepmti sto Rolling Stone rock bar sti lemeso, stis 10. To sigkrotima apoteloun oi Andreas Kerveros (guitar,vocals), Kostas Apokidis (guitar,vocals), Petros Kizas (drums), Andreas Kleovoulou (bass) kai Erietta Ioulianou (lead singer). A3izei na tous deite kai na tous akousete!    CLAWS band was created two years ago and the members of the band are all graduated musicians.After lots of work and difficulties CLAWS achieved their goal. That’s exactly one of the reasons the band was called CLAWS!!! Besides the fact that they perform Classic Rock tunes from great bands like Aerosmith, AC/DC, Led Zeppellin, Queen, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake and more, are also working on some original songs at their own studio.  The band is playing at Rolling Stone bar every Thursday at 22:00  CLAWS band members are:   Erietta Ioulianou Lead singer Costas Apokides Guitar/Vocals Andreas Kerveros Gultar/Vocals Andreas Kleovoulou Bass  Pertos Kizas Drums

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