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Status: rockarei!!

The appetite for playing music brought together five guys from several places of Greece and the world; they got into studio and started jamming together, bringing in the huge love for rock music. Soon their decent covers were noticed by local music scenes, so in Spring 2008 they were asked to play at 1st Gions Festival. They had to come up with a band name....
The name UnCatch derives from the rural dialect. In this dialect, αν κατσ’ [an kats], means ‘if it works out well’ (when the guys first played together, it was “just for fun”). It was Gyftopoulos’ idea to write the name in latin characters, thus UnCatch became the name of the band.
The present line up started palying together at early October 2008. After long hours of rehearsals, they came up with a playlist, which expands from pre-classic rock era till modern times.
Their first grand appearence was in November 2007, headlining Gions bar at Ioannina where UnCatch rocked for over 3 hours with the support of their fans; a noticeable gig which opened many doors for the guys. Next to come was an extremely successful, 4-hour-long live gig at Off The Record, which saw UnCatch receive many offers for opening acts for famous greek and foreign rock artists.
UnCatch’s repertoire expands from Beatles and Stones, to more recent, such as Bon Jovi, Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band members are already working on their own material and soon they might come up with their first demo.
 There are still more shows to come for 2009.....So stand by!! 
Band lineup:  
Toni Hido (vocals, keyboard, guitar) 
Apostolis Polyzos (lead guitar) 
Sotiris Christodoulou (bass) 
Giorgos Gyftopoulos (drums)

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