Sotiris Pavlou
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.::. 30/12/2012-Aperitif (kapnikarea)

Status: είναι φανατικός

ΒΙΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΟ. Born in Australia Sotiris grew up in Athens where he started playing drums for large Audience’s at the age of 14.
Through the training he received from the City of Athens Philharmonic , Sotiris has been able to expand his percussion and Drums technique for the beats he brings to stages.
These skill’s, coupled with his endless energy and passion for music, has given Sotiris the opportunity to perform with live Rock bands as: Litis and sunergeio-Inside Joy-The Wigs and with Dj’s such as: Marc Allen, Mikee, Marousopoulos, Denis, Mikele, L Sega, , Lefki, Christo K, Zogopoulos, etc... At present time Sotiris create a new Band ,-BUT I FLY-, with 5 more astronauts ομα, εδώ θα βρείτε περισσότερες πληροφορίες για εμένα..

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