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Born in the spring of '81, in Athens Greece, George Gad studied mathematics in the University of Athens (starting year 1999) & had a master degree in Marketing & Communication with new technologies in the Athens University of Economics & Business (starting year 2005)

Mainly self-taught musician, he learned the guitar basics near Panos Economakis (2000) and soon started to write his own songs.

As from 2001 to 2005, he has performed as a dilettante actor & music composer in the following theatrical plays:

2004, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (embodying Laertes), directed by V. Melis, Music by George Gad (St Paul’s graduates theatrical team).

2005, Evgeni Schwartz’s Dragon (embodying Lancelot), directed by G. Machairas & I. Koronidi, music by George Gad & I. Koronidi (NTUA’s theatrical team). 

2007, Jean Anouilh’s Eurydice (embodying Dulak), directed by D. Dimopoulos , Music by D. Dimopoulos (NTUA’s theatrical team).

In 2004 he participated in the Dejenech film, directed by G. Dimopoulos & A. Theofilou and the next year (2005) he had a small part in the making of the film named “Das Making of” staring G. Douratsos. 

During the same period he composed his own music, although he never tried to publish it or bring it live.

Currently he performes as a guitarist and vocalist in a recently formed music band performing cover songs.

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