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The band was created in April 2006 by Tom Athanaselos, Damos Harharidis, Dinos Athanaselos in order to express themselves through metal music in the September of the same year they ask of Spyros help who came to raise their average age to 17 years old (!) and to record their debute demo.Without a singer Damos took over the vocals and later after the recording sessions left the band because he wanted to dedicate to his exams . Thomas Paparizos came to share the heavy load of the guitars with Tom. On October 2006, and while the band was searching for a singer, Chris came and cover this place. Now the band is working on new material for the next realease while they are rehearsing and searching for clubs and promoters in order to perform their music live.

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melodic whisper
pronounciation problemkali sinthesi..alla prepei o singer na mathei kalitera tin agliki na pianei psiles den arkei..kane speaking maga!katatala poli kaloi mpravo!

Embrace DepartKali arxi sas eyxome se ayto to euxaristo ta3idi tis mousikis pedes. Peraste na mas pite tin gnomi sas!!

Black Winter
hiγραψε λαθος

Black Winter
hiι παραγςγι ειναι ποθ γ...αει...χεχεχ

Διαμαντής Παππάς
Καλώς ήρθατε παιδιάΚάθε αρχή...και δύσκολη.Αλλά έχετε πολλές δυνατότητες.Καλή συνέχεια.

Πολυ καλοιΠΟλύ καλή προσπάθεια, το μόνο που χάνει λίγο είναι το πως μπάινει μετά την μεγάλη εισαγωγή. Πολύ καλά όλα!