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Started music production at the age of 13 with House and Electro House msuic.
At that time Music Production is something that I did just for hobby.

At 15 started producing Rap instrumentals and lyrics. Unsuccesfully recored 4 Rap tracks that stayed on my PC and never saw light.

At the age of 16 I stoped electronic music production and started a Punk band with some friends, in which everyone was new to instrumental music. Later when I got a lot better at drums I joined a Hardcore band. After 4 months the band was destroyed because of some problems between the guitar player (Creator of the band) and the singer (Co-creator).

In 2008 moved to Athens and first heard DubStep. Since then I went to all the parties I could, listened to Dubstep all day long and filled my Hard drive with alost everything that I could download from the web.

In June 2010 started DubStep production.
Finished Sound Engineering studies @ a private institute IEK DOMI in Greece.

Started producing Dubstep by the name “Kr4sH”. In the begining of 2011 changed the name to Red Stalker.

Currently producing Dubstep, DNB, HipHop, House, Hardstyle and many othere genres (whenever I got ideas or inspiration on doing them)

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