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The past the present and the future

Cyb SLavior was formed under strange circumstances in September 1999 in a strange town called Patras. The first line-up was:

  • Crom (vocals, guitar)
  • Ghalas (bass)
  • Xyp (drums)
  • Johanna (keyboards)
  • Nikos (guitar)

    After few weeks, Nikos was kicked out from the group and was replaced by Ikonmax (Nocternity). The band started rehearsing intensively in the studio "Steki". Soon we gave some gigs in Patras castle and in various clubs. The concerts were successful and gave the stigma of the band with some Death and Heavy Metal covers. In these early days three unofficial live demo tapes were recorded. The band started to craft its own unique music style, described under the label of "PsycheDeathlik". Meanwhile Johanna moved to England and was replaced by Thodor (Unholy Throne plus about 10 bands more).

    So in April 2001 we start to compose our first songs, some of which were released with covers from Hypocrisy, Samael, In Flames, At The Gates and Depeche Mode in the live promo "XXX-mas" recorded at "Synergeio" club in 17/12/01(sound engineer: Nikos ……..). The high standard performance and the professional sound of the promo cd received great feedback from the local scene .

    Our future aims are to record our first demo which will be a bridge between the violence of Death Metal and the groove of Trance music and spread the message all over the universe.

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    Γενικά...δεν είμαι ακροατής της μουσικής που παίζετε αλλα νομίζω οτι θέλετε ακόμα λίγη δουλειά . Για live είναι ΟΚ

    Douleia!!Sorry paidia alla xreiazeste perissoteri douleia se arketous tomeis

    mpravo mages death metal no deathna kserate ti mou thimizetai 1985-86 ihame ena group pou to legame LUSIFER guitaristas apo kavala ego o bassistas apo katerini foni kai guitar apo lamia kai dramer apo athina ta oreotera mas hronia. 2 hronia mazi kai meta stratos the end of group. mesa apo to site sti selida mou tha vrite to FINAL BREATH sas to afierono, Tora oson afora esas i foni GAMAI ta organa den akougonte kathara ok einai live pantos mou erase poli i melodia kai telos mpite se studio giati oso kala mixarimeno kai na einai to live xani kali sinexia kai kali vazo 10'edo giati sti vathmologia den perni deka me tono.

    Hates warningΤο θεωρω τελειως αδικο να κρινω ενα κομματι το οποιο ανηκει σε μια κατηγορια που ξερω πως δεν μου αρεσει...Παρολαυτα,εχω να πω πως η μπαντα σας ειναι σε καλο επιπεδο "παιχτικα",(μου αρεσαν κυριως τα τυμπανα αν και η παραγωγη τα εθαβε τελειως,και τα κιθαριστικα που ηταν οσο φλυαρα πρεπει να ειναι σε αυτο το ειδος μουσικης)...Επισης ξεχωρισα καποιες ωραιες μελωδιες μεσα στο χαμο που μου αρεσαν...Απο οτι ακουσα η ηχογραφηση ειναι live οποτε και αρκετα λαθη (κυριως απο τα πληκτρα) συγχωρουνται..Σας ευχομαι καλη συνεχεια και καλη επιτυχια στα live σας..Δεν βαθμολογω για τους λογους που ανεφερα στην αρχη...

    kala ta pategiati den bazete thn johanna gia fonitika dokimasteto.thelete doylia akoma.

    bravo paides!ta tragoudia sas itan poly kala alla 8elete akoma douleia! keep trying.