Madame Krouela

23/4/2010 1:52:00 μμ
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official music video of "Madame Krouela"
music and lyrics by Tziko
performance by Tziko and Lila

-maybe its too late for scripture grab hold of my hand
-well every inch as bad as they say yes you are my love
-i tried so hard to remember all our beautiful times?
-was there any little baby guess you 're losing your time

-oh let us..make some music pretty lady when we speak our words
-they may sound quite familiar they may taste like shit

-used to cry used to hide but now i'm so very
-i guess you 're just an alcoholic baby can't you see?
-my life 's not to be recommended but it is a way to live
-oh can't you think of something better this is Conor speaking
-well don't you listen to my words whilst playing my guitar
-maybe you should change this riff Tziko i'm getting tired

-when you hang out with Krouela do you toast her friends?
-oh let's talk turkey you mean Lina now get down to the gist
-i'm so jealous of her beauty and her perfect shape
-well you can have her if you like her but i think she prefers men
-where were you all these nights you didnt call me back?
-i was sleeping with Krouela down there in the park
-was there Lina anywhere somewhere around?
-well i was drunk i dont remember why the fuck you ask me now?

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Madame Krouela
23/4/2010 1:52:00 μμ
(1503 προβολές)