Past imperfect Lyrics

29/3/2009 7:43:00 μμ
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Past imperfect

Butterflies with razor-blade wings
Are paving the way for your dream
Elevation is a matter of time
Are you ready for this dark pantomime
You’ve buried the light , shut , vacant eyes
Your inner confusion became diaphanised
Resist to fall in , you are as guilty as sin
And victim as long as your soul is not relieved

Running away from yourself now / you can’t walk away
Stranded and scared stiff you’re high and dry / pin pricks fill the air
Headlong to your destination / your instant decay
Enshroud as your future is written in past imperfect tense

Dusty spiders  murmuring lullabies
Twisty trails and here comes the first bite
As you numb you rush to wave goodbye
It’s time to engulf pearls alight



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