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6/6/2009 12:33:00 πμ
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Well its been a while since my last blog, lots going on, let me catch up from last blog post.

I returned back to hometown n studio for Xmas holidays,really disappointed for a project not worthy of my time & money, (not cool at all "mr M n M."!) (and of course I don't mean the candies right lol). For 4 months I was through a phase get myself back. In meantime I got some appointments, some didn't work, some did, when is confirmed I'll let you know asap . 

Also my new version of my website, was ready to be on but last minute technical crash 
ruined everything, so at the moment fix things up. I believe it'll be ready to visit soon.

My music has been available also at shockhound

if you have iPhone ,you can listen(/play) to me @ iPhone applications as

TuneCore (as being TuneCore artist)

JOANPi official application coming soon, stay tuned.

You can follow me at Twitter (blame it I tweet often so forget to post a blog )

By the way within summertime there will be a re-release, more pretty soon.

Stay tuned for more news (like a *hint* full album and more).

well I guess thats all for now, I don't even remember if forgot something 
So as I try to get my creativity (& time) sorted/my inspiration back, keep listening my music and support me and love me and and.. 

Love you,

p.s. thank you to LA area studios for the offers, when I'll manage to be there, I'm sure I'll have a great time



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